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Law Express, A must watch TV program

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Law Express is a social service program designed to educate the general population about the operation of the law in as simple terms as possible.

The idea is to sensitize people about their rights, how and when these rights accrue and to get them at that point to find a lawyer to advise them and pursue their case if they decide to do so.

More and more people resort to alternative and wrong ways of resolving their day to day issues because they are unaware of the existing remedies in the law.

Law express is to help direct people to a more acceptable and organized mode of conflict resolution and generally to enlighten people to do the right thing within the confines of the law.


Every week a panel of three lawyers, one as the host and two additional guest will discuss different and relevant law topics in everyday language as a focus group.

They will bring freshness to selected topics whilst using examples and experience to carry viewers along week after week after week.

Viewers will be given an opportunity to be part of the discussion during and after each episode.

Prerecorded vox pops will be conducted to randomly sample people’s prior knowledge of the topic each week. These will be played during the show.


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